Koshik Raj
Koshik Raj
Hello there. 👋
I'm Koshik Raj.
I'm one of those curious souls. I love to spend my free time watching/ reading/ listening to anything interesting. Having an information security background I have been passionately working in the web3 space for the last few years.

I'm an entrepreneur, software developer, author, and I'm curious about a lot of topics that can ignite a deep discussion.
Currently, I'm focused on building exciting products such as Safient and Signchain along with a strong team at Consenso Labs to solve the critical problems in both Web 3.0 and Web 2.0.

My Recent Works

Having an information security background I have majorly contributed and worked in the computer security field from the beginning of my professional career. Most of my recent works involve building trustless solutions that can replace flawed conventional methods and systems.
Here are a few of the projects/ works I have founded/ built recently.
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CTO - Safient
Trustless crypto asset Safe and Inheritance Protocol
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Lead Developer/Architect - Signchain
Digital Signing tool for Legal Contracts leveraging smart contracts and decentralization.
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Lead Developer/Architect - Arbchain
DLT based platform that brings all the benefits of decentralization to solve inefficiencies in arbitration.
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Lead Developer/Architect - SyndLend
DLT based syndicated loan platform to create a speedy, cost-efficient, transparent, dis-intermediated, yet compliant system.
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Developer/Architect - GitFunded
A decentralized platform to fund the GitHub projects and manage the funds in a fair and transparent way
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Book Author
📚Foundations of Blockchain
Authored a book on blockchain technology titled "Foundations of Blockchain" - The pathway to cryptocurrencies and decentralized blockchain applications

My Background

My professional and academic background is mostly science and technology-driven as it was something that fascinated me throughout my childhood and career. I'm grateful for all the opportunities that lead to where I'm right now.


Started my first full-time job at RSA while pursuing my master's in Computer Science and Information Security.
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Co-Founder, CTO (2019 - Present)
Consenso Labs
Founded a blockchain research lab where we solve some of the financial and open economics use cases through Enterprise and public DLT protocols
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Blockchain Faculty (2019 - 2020)
Amity Online
Faculty for Blockchain Program (PGD-BTM)
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Senior Developer (2016 - 2018)
Worked as a full-stack developer/ product architect along with the managerial responsibilities to build and ship flagship products.
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Associate Software Engineer (2015 - 2016)
RSA Security
Worked on the RSA's flagship network and log analytics tool "Security Analytics"


I have always been interested in reading and discussing about science and technology from my childhood and my academic background says the same :D
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Major - Computer Science and Information Security
Manipal Institute of Technology
Master of Technology (M.Tech)
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Computer Science Engineer
Visvesvaraya Technological University
Bachelor of Technology

Feel free to schedule a quick call to pick my brain.
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